It happens to the cleaniest, loveliest houses in town

That’s what the nurse said right after she told me Conrad had lice. She also described it as a as mild, non-active case but he was not allowed to go to school and I had to drop all deadlines, real and self-imposed and launch my plan of attack. I did a combo of chemical warfare with an all-natural second level of defense: pesticide shampoo, followed by rigorous nit-picking (an expression I’ll doubt I’ll ever use again) and slathering his head in olive oil for over eight hours to suffocate any lice that might have been crawling around though we never saw any. Dash didn’t have it but I gave him the olive oil treatment as a prophylactic measure. For the boys it was a two day adventure in finding out how still can you sit while you’re mother has a mild, non active nervous breakdown trying to decipher a nit from dandruff while watching her do over 13 loads of laundry. Looking back now, it was really kind of fun as you can from these photos.

Disinfected. Nit picked. Slathered in olive oil for eight hours. Not even a new Pokemon movie could take away his pain.

Conrad, disinfected, nit picked, and slathered in olive oil. I tried to make lice fun by showering him with treats: a Lego Rock Crusher set, a new Pokemon movie for combing sessions, and swapping friends with trips to Friendly's but however you spin it, wearing the scarlet "L" is just no fun .

He was happier naked, so he was naked.

He was happier naked, so he was naked.

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  1. Squeamish Family Friend Says:

    These photos are so cute—priceless. I’m sorry I canceled out visit but I am looking forward to another itch-free visit soon. xx

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