Oprah how could you?

Ok my blog is not political, it’s really a place for me to gossip about my own life. But I need to share something, People magazine has reported that Oprah is joining forces with Jenny McCarthy to give her own talk show. The media buzz is that if McCarthy is given O’s support she  has a chance of being the next Dr. Phil or Rachel Ray. McCarthy who is a regular guest on Oprah is often there to discuss how she took on the medical establishment to deal with her son’s autism.

Here’s my problem: Jenny McCarthy is already doing a very good job of spreading misinformation about immunizations through her blog and being a guest on other people’s talk shows. I wonder who is served, or should I say hurt, by giving her a larger platform?

Here are three links worth reading that were tweeted yesterday.



I’m disappointed in Oprah, but I guess I shouldn’t be. I’m sure there are a number of all-natural, holistic advertisers who want to appeal to a more mass audience and the McCarthy talk show would be a nice vehicle for them. But, Oprah, who I always loved is no longer one of my “favorite things.”

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