Collecting obsession: Portraits of Cool Women

Maybe its because I’m up in my attic and I get bored with just me and the dogs and miss having coworkers, or maybe its because I always regret not buying that series of portraits of the Golden Girls our dear friend Tiffany painted, but lately I want to collect portraits of women. Not any women, ladies I’d like like to hang out with, maybe work with, perhaps start some cool new online magazine with, maybe one about life in the suburbs…. I have two though they are not exactly what I’m after. The Gibson girl was my grandmother’s and there’s so much sentiment in that one it can’t count, the other my mom was selling at her antique booth and I just tiptoed away with one day, I know, childish (but then I’m her child). The blonde with the fluffy hair in the second row is a painting being sold on OKL and I’m 99.99% sure it was painted in the 60s by my mom’s best friend Ann Reiger, it looks exactly like her style and signature (and is signed/listed as A.Reiger portrait). The rest of the thumbnails are paintings I’ve spied around and am considering for my collection. I can see these ladies getting along, and then not, and then bitching about each other and then maybe even bitching about me when I’m not hanging out in the office—and now I’ve either stumbled on some amazing thread for a scary ass novel or I’m on the verge of my own “The Yellow Wallpaper.”

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