Uncanny couplings

In honor of Valentine’s day, I’m rounding up the weirdest news pairings I’ve seen, read and heard.

1. Portlandia’s spoof on its title song,”The dream of the 90s is alive in Portland” rerecorded as “The Dream of the 1890s is alive in Portland” points out that Portland in 2012 is a lot more like 1890s than 1990s and has lyrics like “We cure our own meats.”


A laughing squid post on how to make your home-smoked brief jerky underpants.


2. Georgetown Cupcake’s press release announcing that you can celebrate V-day by popping the question with an 8 carat engagement ring a top a red velvet cupcake.

“There’s no sweeter way to pop the question to your significant other than with a dreamy cupcake with a diamond engagement ring sitting on top,” said Maki Garcia-Evans, owner and executive pastry chef at Cupcakes Gourmet. “A diamond is worth a thousand words, but with a cupcake, it’s worth more. It suits our store’s slogan, ‘Love Tastes Like This.’”



The Washington Post investigates why cupcakes are still popular and asks psychotherapists for clues, one offers this analysis: “Through cupcakes, seemingly innocent little ‘treats,’ we can project fantasies of who and what we desire to be. Instead of connecting us to others, however, cupcakes keep us separate and add to our sense of isolation.” [WaPo via Eater DC]

3. Fashion’s latest bodily obessions

Cory Doctorow posted these leggings on BoingBoing from Blackmilk.



Rusty Blazenhoff’s post on Laughing Squid about jewelry designed to look like organs.


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