Awesome and Freaky had kids and this is their spawn

In just one evening of scrolling through my google reader I found the following:


Photos of dogs in water by Seth Casteel via Laughing Squid via cute overload.


These crazy miniature houses via my modern met

J.Crew’s announcement that they are partnering with Manolo Blanik:

Trade title WWD announced the news today via its Twitter feed. It read: ‘J. Crew is doing a Manolo collaboration for fall, to be sold online.”

via Femail

And The Fug sisters report about Joe Jonas getting mobbed at the Jermey Scott fashion show and the highlight of Scott’s collection:

For his part, Joe handled it like a pro—we suppose he has loads of practice dealing with crazy people wanting a taste of his business—answering questions left and right without ever breaking a sweat. “It’s so nice to meet someone so nice in fashion,” we heard him say of Scott, before noting that he previewed the collection backstage and thought it was really “exciting.”  (This is true, especially if you are a fan of Bart Simpson. That is not some kind of sarcastic remark; there really were dudes wearing sweaters with Bart Simpson on them. Insert “cowabunga” joke here.)”

The Cut

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