The week so far…

Breaking News: My debit card number was stolen and while it is very annoying, I was more struck by how unimaginative the thief was: $45 at Pathmark at Ozone Park, $19 at Burger King, $120 Duane Reade, $99 at Wallgreens, $1.50 for a meter in NYC. Talking to the person at Citibank in Fraudulent Transactions was depressing, I just imagined them  wielding my fake card around to buy hair straighteners and clock radios at Wallgreens. When she told me they spent $150 at Urban Outfitters and $120 at Mandee, I was actually glad they began to realize the possibilities.

Blind item: Speaking of imaginative shopping, which Montclair mom is going to a sample sale in NYC even though she knows her kid has a rash that that is itchy and if he scratches it, which he will, can be painful.

Celebrity gossip: Asta is looking so matted and crazy, I’m thinking of renaming her Phyllis Diller. Then we can rename Chewie, Fang, which may be even more fitting because the other morning I woke up to find one of his teeth on my pillow.


In Media: The redesign of Ladies Home Journal looked pretty enough for me to actually buy it. Either they did a good job or the 40ish part of my life is really happening to me.


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